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Книги и книжные магазины 16-19 века. Немного из истории


17 век

Book and print seller,начало 19 века.French School

Книжный магазин «Ackermann» (1809)

An author portrait of Jean Miélot writing his compilation of the Miracles of Our Lady, one of his many popular works.
Сделанные и расписанные от руки книги стоили безумно дорого, их мало кто мог себе позволить. Часто это были настоящие произведения искусства, по стоимости равные небольшому поместью.

Bookprinting in the 15th century

Graveur sur bois Jost Amman (1539-1591)


В печатной мастерской
Published by Philips Galle
After Jan van der Straet
1580-1605 (c.)
In a printer’s shop


BOSSE, Abraham
A Printer’s Workshop
c. 1642

A bookmaker’s workshop, from the ‘Encyclopedie des
French School

Предполагаемая типография Л. Костера в Хаарлеме. С гравюры XVII в.

Caxton Showing the First Specimen of His Printing to King Edward IV at the Almonry, Westminster: With Edward are his wife, Elizabeth Woodville, and their children, Elizabeth, Edward, and Richard.
Date 1851

В 17-18 веке появляется мода на собственные кабинеты редкостей и библиотеки, соответственно- появляются и книжные магазины, сначала небольшие, в общих торговых галереях:

Abraham Bosse
1637-1640 (c.)
The shopping arcade at the Palais de Justice in Paris, with customers looking at fans, gloves, lace collars and books, a woman showing Tristan l’Hermite’s ‘La Marianne’ to a customer, and a box inscribed with ‘Eventails de Bosse’; ornate frame. c.1637/40

The Bibliophilist’s Haunt or Creech’s Bookshop
17 век
William Fettes Douglas

Attributed to William Faithorne
Two scenes; above, a doctor dispensing a bottle of medicine to two women, one of whom is holding a baby; below, an apothecary’s shop

Trade card of Lackington, bookseller, showing the front of his shop in Finsbury Square, London; a sign above shop windows reads «Two Hundre Thou / sand Volumes upon an Average are /

A gallery with in the left foreground a young man leaning on a bookseller’s booth and pointing at two ladies shopping at a lace-seller at right; a scene from Corneille’s ‘La Galerie du Palais’, from an unidentified publication

Модники у магазина.

Sandwich-carrots!-dainty Sandwich-carrots
Print made by James Gillray
Production place
Published in London


Тут же в магазинах продавали и гравюры, карты, портреты популярных людей, сатирические картинки. Были и специализированные на картинках магазины.

Торговец гравюрами
Dorothy Mercier. Printseller and Stationer. At the Golden Ball [1760-64] Such early glimpses of shop interiors as part of an 18th-century

тут же делали и рамки:

A frame-maker’s shop; the frame-maker and his two assistants at work. 1646(?)
Pen and brown ink, with green-blue wash


George Cruikshank
Published in London

Isaac Cruikshank
After the title: ‘see Mrs Clarkes Rival Princes’. A view (apparently) of Fores’s shop in Piccadilly.

Irish binding for the caricature magazine


Особое место занимали картинки на злобу дня и карикатуры. Они привлекали зевак и собирали толпы народа, заодно служа и рекламой магазину. Для картинок делали специальные большие витрины, они служили как бы общественной иллюстрированной газетой, своеобразным «телевидением»:

Spectators at a Print Shop. Carington Bowles. London. 1774
У магазина,где продавались карикатуры.
Здесь, по-моему- карикатуры на модников.

James Gillray (1757-1815) was a master caricaturist who began his career as an engraver

Иногда бывали и неприятности: внизу оскорбленный муж требует оьяснений по поводу карикатуры на его супругу:

Cuckold Cunning**m. Frightened at his w-f’s caricature
Lewis Marks
Lord Conyngham stands by the counter of Benbow’s shop holding out an open book to the shopman with a terrified gesture: «Mr Benbow, Pray who is this!»

И до такого дело доходило: лобовая атака:

Attributed to Francesco Bartolozzi
Published by Matthew Darly
The window of Matthew Darly’s print-shop in the Strand is being violently attacked by a man (William Austin), with the appearance of a maniac.


Книжные издатели и торговцы первыми начали печатать свои рекламные карточки, листки и визитки, их сохранилось очень много:

Trade card of Nicolas de Fer, geographer; scene inside a library with groups of figures including two monks, a large orrery on a pedestal at the centre with two putti at the side using various geographical instruments, ceiling with a dome illustrating the constellations; lettering below listing large maps and books published up to the year 1705. 1705


====================19 век====================
————-Большие магазины——————

View of the front of the European Magazine’s office on Cornhill, «Asperne» in large lettering over shop window. 1816

Interior view of the shop of Lackington, bookseller, in Finsbury Square


Another view of Ackermann’s enterprise, «Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, 101 Strand», an illustration by Pugin and Rowlandson to the magazine Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, January 1809
[1809 Ackermann’s Repository JPEG] [Large Image.] Rudolph Ackermann was a publisher, print-seller, and «manufacturer of fancy articles»

Interior view of Appleton’s Book Store, 346 & 348 Broadway, New York. (1856)


Но во все времена свой заработок на книгах имели уличные или бродячие торговцы, лоточники:
——————-Уличные торговцы—————-

Print made by Sutton Nicholls
1700 (circa)
A bookseller wearing spectacles, standing behind a table of books beneath a tree

printseller- 17 век

Paul Sandby
Published in London
An old blind man being guided to right by a young boy, holding a basket full of books, while the boy looks towards the viewer. 1760

Marcellus Laroon II
An almanac seller walking to right with basket of books around her neck; from bound series of the Cries of London. 1688

Продавщица баллад
Richard Corbould
A ballad-seller in tattered skirts at left with two infants, accepting a bundle of wood from a gentleman at right, her companion amused behind, bills posted on the wall behind at left; after Richard Corbould, illustration to an unidentified publication, trimmed to an oval. c.1790s

Social satire: a street vendor with his books on a low table laid out along the Seine, with a potential customer reading a volume. September 1814


===============Французские букинисты====================

18 век

«Le quai de Conti sous Louis-Philippe» Auteur William PARROTT (1813-1869) Peinture hauteur : 0,32 largeur : 0,51 m conservée au Muée Carnavalet Paris

between 1813(1813) and 1869

Secondhand Bookseller on the Quai Voltaire in Paris, France, 1821
середина 19 века

«Les Bouquinistes», photograph of original watercolor by Eugène Galien-Laloue (purchased by myself from Cosmopolitan Fine Art Gallery, La Jolla, CA USA.) Dated circa 1908

Были также и публичные библиотеки, пишите- если интересно- выложу картинки про них.